Welcome to Star Hair Design, Dominican Hair Salon located in Rockville, MD.

We are a Dominican hair salon, we provide our customers with service, from the most experienced stylists and only use the very best hair care products. We are pleased to offer a wide selection of hair care services along with our famous Dominican Blow Out. We specialize on Natural Hair Care, Come in to see us, you will love what we do to your hair!. STAR HAIR DESIGN also has a side for the gentlemen. We have great professional barbers to assist you.


Services details and Photos

Star Hair Design Dominican Style Services


Regular wash and set ( for relaxed Hair). 40
Wash wrap and curl for relaxed hair. 50
Wash / blow (Natural unrelaxed hair). 55
Wash/set (Natural curly hair, does not need press). 45
Wash / set weave (shoulder length ). 50
Only wash. 25


Moisturizing conditioner. 20 extra
Leave in conditioner (vitamin drops). 10 extra
Egg conditioner. 15 extra
Hot oil treatments. 15 extra
Keratin conditioner. 50 extra
Protein conditioner. 15 extra
Weave removal / glue removal. 30 and up
Long hair (below shoulder length). 10 extra
Long hair (at waist line). 20 extra
Flat iron. 10 extra
Waxing (eyebrow, chin, sideburns, and mustache). 10 and up
Hair shots. 5 extra


Touch up-relaxer (includes wash/set). 75 and up
Full relaxer (includes wash/set/deep). 100 and up
Relaxer (touch up), color rinse, conditioner, trim, wash/set. 115 and up
Cellophane rinse (for moist and sheen). 65 and up
Permanent full color. 125 and up
Permanent color touch up. 100 and up
Semi-permanent (full). 100 and up
Semi-permanent (touch up). 85 and up
Highlights (half head). 120 and up
Base color & Highlights (full head / half head). 180+/140+
Keratin Treatment. 300 and up
Alter ego texturizer. 80 and up
Brazilian blowout. 350 and up

Hair Cuts

Haircuts. 35 extra
Layered trim. 20 extra
Basic trim. 10 extra
Bang. 5 extra